The Issues

I have lived a life of Democratic values, I have a record of building positive change in my community, and in Lansing, putting my experience to work on your behalf.

Strong Public Education

I have been a steadfast public education advocate for years because I know that strong, sustainable public schools are the backbone of our community. I have a proven record of publicly supporting investment in education, from early childhood through K-12, and of developing evidence-based solutions to problems that face our students and schools.

As your state representative, I have brought a renewed focus to the neglect of public education over the last decade and its cost to our students and our economy. We are now in the bottom 10 states for academic performance of our middle class students and bottom 3 for our struggling students and families. And companies will not come to or start up in Michigan because we do not have the skills they need to grow.

My plan to invest in every child’s potential includes:

  • Small class sizes for all students
  • High quality, professional teachers with 21st century skills
  • Growing early childhood education programs
  • Ensuring that local education decisions are made by parents and teachers
  • Investing in skilled trades education programs and higher education
  • Creating a path to 2 years of debt free community college

I am the strong leader who brings a creative spirit to education policy.

Education is not a new passion for me – here is a blast from the past of one highlight of my education advocacy efforts. I am proud to have given this rousing speech on the steps of the capitol in Lansing to over 5,000 parents and teachers with the message: Strong Schools build Strong Communities!

Economic Growth

As a business owner, I understand how to meet customer demands, balance fiscal needs and grow through innovation. I bring these strengths to my service as your legislator.

ThinkStretch has grown from one school in Michigan to serving tens of thousands of students in schools and districts across 38 states. While my company currently serves students across the nation, I realize the importance of using local production and shipping facilities. By learning and understanding each others’ businesses, my suppliers and I have grown together. Hiring local businesses and using local talent just makes sense.

As your legislator, I am working to grow our economy to one that is rich with opportunity for everyone. My successes as a legislator include:

  • Investing in local jobs and small businesses by creating legislation that creates an office for Small Business Director
  • Co-sponsoring a small business preference for government contracts
  • Guaranteeing government purchasing follows a Michigan-first policy
  • Leading efforts to provide workers access to training and living wage jobs
  • Partnering to create opportunities for our local farmers
  • Working across the aisle to expand broadband access to all of Washtenaw County

As your State Representative, I am committed to focusing our economic development strategy on the things that keep communities strong: a vibrant small business sector, fair wages and policies that support local investments.

Protecting our environment and natural resources

Our community deserves a strong local voice in Lansing to protect the natural beauty and environment we call home. I have a history of taking action to protect our environment – I am that voice.

I am raising my family a stone’s throw away from the deepest portion of the Pall/Gelman plume and am committed to ensuring its cleanup to protect our drinking water.

That’s why I am so proud of lowering the clean up standard for 1,4 Dioxane from 85ppb to 7.5ppb. This was accomplished by close work between local activists, elected officials and the DEQ. From our farmers fields to our private wells to our city drinking water supply – this will ensure better clean up of the toxin and safe drinking water for us all.

My plan to protect the natural resources and beauty of Washtenaw includes:

  • Restoring local, citizen voice to the DEQ and DNR with Citizen Review Committees
  • Continuing to oppose efforts to weaken our environmental protections and prioritizing pollution prevention
  • Cleaning up the Pall-Gelman pollution plume – not just containing it
  • Preventing companies from drilling and fracking in our backyards without our knowledge and approval
  • Building on the successful grants we have received during my service to expand our great local parks and to bring resources to new projects, such as the Loop trail 

I know how to fight and how to work together, with one end goal: a cleaner, safer community for all of us. In Lansing, I demand that local voices are heard when policies impact our backyards.

Safe Roads and Good Transportation

Washtenaw has amazing places to go – theaters, restaurants, parks, museums – and no matter your age, getting to them should be easy. I have actively worked to increase accessibility in our community through the Partners for Transit initiative.

My legislative plan to connect our communities includes:

  • Accelerating investment in our roads and bridges for the long term – I voted to support over $500 million additional investment through 2019
  • Investing in the WAVE shuttle service and expanding partnerships with regional bussing, prioritizing stops near senior centers
  • Supporting new technologies like autonomous vehicles and investing in simple transportation enhancements

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy all that Washtenaw has to offer without being restricted.

Women’s Issues

As a progressive, Democratic woman, I am proud of my accomplishments championing gender equality and making meaningful differences in the lives of women in our community. I continue to make progress in our quest to ensure that every woman has the opportunity to determine her future – from family planning to economic security.

100% Rating from Planned Parenthood. Honored as a Women’s Health Champion.

Women must have economic security to reach their full potential. As an executive board member of the Progressive Women’s Caucus, I took the lead on women’s pay equity and led legislation packages at our capitol.

With the Nassar tragedy and the recognition of the negative impact of sexual harassment, I am proud to have co-sponsored legislation that focuses on 3 key principles – prevention, protection, and accountability. Passed on a bi-partisan basis, our legislation is a start to the change that must happen to make women safe and able to fully participate in our society and economy.

As your state representative, I bring my experiences making real, positive change for women in health, education and the workplace to Lansing. I have brought together the coalitions we need to make improvement in the lives of not just the women in our county, but across our state.