“There are two kinds of people in elected office – politicians and public servants. I always considered myself a public servant, and Donna is the same. She is running to serve, listen and work for the people. With her passion for service and understanding of business, she is the best choice!”

Kristin Judge
Former Washtenaw County Commissioner


“Donna has been a friend of mine for more than 4 years. She is a great businessperson and brings enthusiasm and energy to every meeting we have. She is very detail orientated, and is firm in her expectations, but also fair and understanding as we work through the details of her projects. I admire her desire to help every child be successful in school, as well as the vision and perseverance she has to achieve her goals. Donna is a joy to be around, and I think her intelligence, focus and ability to manage multiple responsibilities will make her an excellent State Representative.”

Jim Ceely
Owner, PrintTech


“Lansing needs more people like Donna: people who don’t compromise on their values but work to build coalitions to find solutions to our complex problems.”

Rebekah Warren
State Representative

“I appreciate that Donna took the time to consider some of the gaps in the Washtenaw County safety net. I feel confident that Donna will advocate for issues that affect families, such as paid time off, mental and physical healthcare access, education and workforce training, equal pay for women, and affordable housing and childcare.”

Marnie Leavitt
Director, SE Michigan Women’s Center


“Donna has served as an astute community and civic leader over many years, having organized and championed several large and successful millage campaigns for the school district as well as led the AAPS Council of PTOs at the district level. Among her gifts as a leader are her abilities to observe and quickly understand the multiple perspectives inherent within complicated issues as well as her ability to represent the needs of others along the wide spectrum of human experience.

We would be most fortunate to have Donna advocating on our behalf in the Michigan Legislature.”

Jeanice Swift
Superintendent, Ann Arbor Schools


“As I have worked with Donna on the Washtenaw Association of School Boards, I have come to greatly admire Donna’s passion, knowledge, and ability to collaborate. She truly cares about helping ALL kids and families, and making a positive difference.”

Julie Schumaker
Vice President, Dexter School Board

“Donna has been deeply involved in making certain that every child in our community has an opportunity to be ready for school and to succeed! Donna would be a very strong State Representative. She has earned your support – vote for Donna on November 8th!”

Norman Herbert
Retired Treasurer, University of Michigan


“As a venture catalyst helping the entrepreneurial community and networking groups in my ‘extended transition’ (retirement), I understand government’s important role in providing sound public infrastructure to attract and hold onto new business ventures. Clean water, good transportation, top notch public education and information resources are some of the keys to a vibrant, open society.

As the chair/co-founder of Scio Residents for Safe Water and member of the Coalition for Action on Remediation of Dioxane, I understand that the complex dioxane contamination/cleanup requires a very long term commitment to effectively protect our remaining water supplies.

Donna has the skills, experience and ability to serve us in Lansing and will be a strong local voice in shaping Michigan’s future.”

Roger Rayle
Environmental Leader

Michigan Credit Union League
Washtenaw County Skilled Building Trades
IBEW Local 252
Huron Valley Area Labor Federation
Michigan AFL-CIO
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights
Michigan Nurses Association
Clean Water Action
Michigan Sierra Club
MI Women Win
Washtenaw County Democratic Party
Western Washtenaw County Democrats
Ann Arbor Democratic Party
Michigan Operating Engineers
EMILY’s List
AFT Michigan
SMART Union Transportation Division
SEIU Michigan State Council
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State Rep. Rebekah Warren
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