Meet Donna

Donna Lasinski: The strong local voice that Washtenaw County deserves!

Our Hard Working Legislator

Donna’s two terms as a legislator have resulted in strong strides forward for Washtenaw County and our state. 

Donna worked tirelessly and passed her Legislative Ethics and Transparency Act out of the state House unanimously. This legislation will ensure our legislature is transparent and held to the highest ethical standards in how it conducts itself by letting you see all communications and documents.

On the environmental front, as communities around our state are finding more and more PFAS contamination sites, Donna and her fellow legislators have moved Republican leadership to finally act on setting PFAS level limits.

And in 2017-18, Donna worked with fellow legislators, local elected leaders, the DEQ and local activists to lower the 1,4 Dioxane limits in our water from 85ppb to 7.5 ppb. This critical, new permanent rule is having a tremendous impact on our water safety and the cleanup plan for the Pall Gellman plume that threatens our wells and fresh waters.

Donna’s commitment to schools continues – she refuses to accept sending our tax dollars to for-profit cyber schools. And she fights every day to ensure that our public schools have the resources for small class sizes, high quality teachers, and a 21st century curriculum in our classrooms.  No child in our community should leave school unprepared for the economy of tomorrow.

As a small business owner, Donna has led the charge for a state wide focus on neighborhood businesses. Donna has introduced legislation to create a Small Business Director in our state that will create a one-stop-shop for small businesses navigating our state resources and regulations, while also working to remove obstacles, and encourage community growth. Small businesses employ over half of all Michiganders and yet receive very little support from the state. Donna is committed and knows that we can do better to help create good jobs in our neighborhoods.

After knocking on over 32,000 doors over the last 36 months in office, Donna heard your voices on the condition of our roads and voted Yes to support additional road funding without raising our taxes. This summer, an additional $175 million will be spent on shovel ready projects. And over the next 12 months, another $312 million will be spent on road repairs. This is still short of the estimated $4.1 billion needed annually to bring our roads back, but it is an important step that only happened because strong legislators like Donna insisted that it must.

As a member of the Progressive Women’s Caucus, Donna has fought to ensure that we will move forward in securing safety, health and equal rights for all women and girls in our state.

Donna has done what she said she would do. She has proven herself as a strong, pragmatic leader and advocate for our community who is getting things done for us in Lansing!

Committed to Community

A resident of Scio Township for over 20 years, Donna brings a wealth of experience as a community leader and elected official. She and her husband Mike are both successful small business owners, and they are raising their three boys in a tradition of leadership, entrepreneurship and community service.

From serving the homeless at Alpha House to providing summer learning opportunities in community centers to leading voter approved funding for schools and transportation, Donna’s service over the decades has made real, positive impacts in our community.

Energetic Advocate for Schools

Donna has always felt that if you want a great place to live, you have to take responsibility for it. She became a volunteer education activist, knowing that you can’t build strong communities without strong schools. As a PTO leader, Granholm Early Education appointee, and elected school board member, Donna has worked across the county to ensure our schools and our students have the tools they need to succeed.

A short sample of Donna’s previous education engagement includes:

  • Treasurer, Ann Arbor School Board
  • Director, Washtenaw County Association of School Boards
  • Leader, Education Millage Team
  • Parent Liaison for the Great Start Collaborative for Early Childhood, Washtenaw County
  • Granholm Appointee, Early Learning Advisory Council
  • Interim Director, Success by Six, Washtenaw County
  • AAPS PTO Council Advocacy Committee Chair
  • Testimony, Education Committee, Michigan House of Representatives
  • Founding team of Touch a Truck, premier early childhood advocacy event

Passionate Problem Solver

Donna founded her small business, ThinkStretch, to fix summer learning loss, because of her lifelong commitment to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. The successful curriculum program is now used in 38 states and counting.

In recognition of Donna’s positive community impact and ability to bring together diverse perspectives to craft strong solutions to complex problems, Donna was honored and selected as a Fellow for the prestigious Michigan Political Leadership Program.  The MPLP program selects 12 Democrats and 12 Republicans. Donna committed a year of weekends working with the MPLP Fellows developing evidence based policy and legislation that strengthens communities.

We need leaders who can build bridges to the better future we see for ourselves. Donna is that qualified and passionate leader. You can help us keep her strong Democratic voice in Lansing – and together we will work to make Washtenaw County the best place to live, work, and raise a family. 

Will you join us? 

Please vote Donna Lasinski for State Representative on Election Day, November 3th.

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